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Goodyear Industrial High Def Production Sample

Corporate Video Production Sample Videos:

Goodyear Industrial - High Def Production

This is a sample of our High Definition Video Production Capabilities. The Digital Production Group Produced, Directed and Edited this piece. It was shot on High Definition cameras using the Vericam on a 40 foot crane.

Click for Goodyear Industrial - Corporate Video

The principle photography was done over the course of a rigorous 14 hour day. In addition to shooting with the Varicam as our principle camera we also shot with the JVC HD110 for some behind the scenes video which was actually used side by side with the Varicam footage. We proposed that we ammortize the footage by shooting an additional day at Tommy Baldwin's shop which we used to create their industrial. They loved the idea of being able to use their footage in even more ways without spending much more money.

Value Added Print Photography

The Digital Production Group was also contracted to still photography for Goodyear's print ads supporting the sales of their new Goodyear Racing Wet Tire Shine product. Adding on the stills to the commercial shoot save Goodyear a lot of time and money and streamlined the process of making their whole campaign a success.

The Digital Production Group was able to cut a deal with Goodyear where they could own the copyrights to their still photography for an additional nominal fee in perpetuity. This was another huge selling point that the other video production companies don't offer and couldn't hope to touch.