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Industrial Video - Store Tour

RideMakerZ is a classic example of a client who uses our services to the fullest. In this case we were already on location for three days during their first store opening in Myrtle Beach shooting a set of broadcast videos for them. We sold them on doing a store tour with Chip Foose who was already on board with them doing their promotions.

This video, like most of our current productions, was shot in high definition on our new cameras. We have multipurposed this video many ways. IF we'd shot this in standard definition we would not have had the flexibility to do so.

In order to get some of these shots we brought in our 12 foot crane. You'll see some of the dynamic shots like the one looking into the barrel of tires, the shots of the cars on the wall and the other product shots in the video.

The idea behind this video is to give online viewers, new malls and investors the feel of a RideMakerZ store.

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