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Video News Release:  Disney Opens 5th Ave Store

Disney produces their Video News Releases "in house" for the most part.  When they'd come to New York they would use me for shooting and editing.  This piece was shot and cut with a very short turn around time.  In other words news stations were using this footage only hours after we shot it.

This is an exemplary piece showcasing how Digital Production Group can work with other producers or production companies in any aspect of production.  A producer comes in with slates and voice over already on tape.  That morning we pre-cut the bare bones of the project leaving holes that our new footage would be slugged into. That day we went and shot the video, cut it into the appropriate spots, recorded it to Beta SP and ran it across the street for uplinking to the satellite.  As always you can't go wrong with disney footage and this piece did extremely well.

We supply crews and or full production services for VNR (Video News Release) Production, B-Roll Production and Satellite Media Tours.  We can produce news footage for you from concept right thru to the final delivery. 

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