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About Digital Production Group of North Carolina

The Digital Production Group was established by Michael DiIorio as a network of Broadcast Video Professionals ranging from writers to Camera Operators to Editors and Graphic Designers who are drawn together with a single goal: To provide the best product possible at a price for every budget and most importantly to have fun doing it.

This network arose out of Michael Diiorio's view that the basic system of video production was flawed by the disconectivity of the artists involved in producing the end product. Over the course of the first 10 years of Michael's career he witnessed a system that was broken up and divided amongst different companies with a common goal: to make money even at the expense of their clients' project.

The solution was obvious...bring the artists together under one roof allowing a free flow of both concepts and media. The result has been nothing short of astounding.

To this end we are always in search of creative professionals who share our vision and would benefit from this type of work environment.. Indivduals who love what they do and it shows through their work. If this describes you please fill out our contact form and tell us your goals and what you can bring to the team. Because of the size of our network Digital Production Group covers all of North Carolina at local rates. Because of this we welcome people from all over the country to contact us if you are interested in working with us.

If you are a producer, production company or a company that needs a project completely efficiently, professionally and on budget please feel free to contact us by phone at 336.420.2761 or by filling out our contact sheet. When filling out our contact form please give as much info as possible about your project.

Digital Production Group's Studio Location

1301 Carolina Street
Greensboro, NC 27401



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