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Domain Name Buying

Digital Production Group Offers Domain Names at very low prices through our automated domain name buying system. Simply type in the domain name that you want and hit enter. If it's not available our system will suggest other similar names for. Click here for some Domain Name Game Tips!

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Domain Names
.COMs starting at $10.95!*

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•  FREE!  Change of Registration
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Make your .com, .biz, .info, .name, .net, or .org domain PRIVATE for just $8.95/yr

Domain Pricing by Year
  com* info* us net* org* biz* ws
name* tv
1 yr $10.95 $5.46 $7.30 $10.95 $10.94 $7.65 $9.75 $9.14 $34.95
2 yrs $8.95 $8.00 $7.30 $9.95 $10.94 $7.64 $9.65 $9.14 $34.55
3 yrs $8.62 $7.99 $7.30 $9.62 $10.88 $7.65 $9.55 $9.14 $34.50
5 yrs $8.35 $7.99 $7.30 $8.95 $10.00 $7.65 $9.35 $9.14 $34.50
Best Value!
10 yrs $8.03 $7.99 $7.30 $8.13 $9.50 $7.64 $8.95 $9.14 $34.50

* Plus ICANN fee of 25 cents per domain name year. Certain TLD's only.

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Free Free Free...we all love freebies...look what you get!

When you buy through our automated web services page you save money and get freebies! Here's what you get:
    • Everything you need to give your Web site the reliable, high-performance home it deserves! As low as $4.35/mo! Tell me more!
    • Fast, reliable, private, secure and spam-free! Free web-based email software included. Only $10.95/yr! Tell me more!
    • Traffic Blazer - Get traffic and commerce to your site via search engines. Express Email Marketing® - Promote your site via permission-based email. News-Blazer - Track and measure what's being said about you on the Internet.
    • Secure your site.  Boost response and customer confidence with an affordable Turbo or High-Assurance Secure SSL Certificate.
      From just $27.95/yr! Tell me more!
    • Secure SSL Certificates tell your customers your site is secure.
    • Express Email Marketing® - Everything you need to build and maintain a strong customer base!
    • c-Site's federal copyright registration service now protects photographs, artwork & more!
    • Online File Folder keeps files safe and separate from your PC.
    • Fax Thru Email lets you send and receive faxes anywhere you have email or Internet access!

    Domain Name Buying Tips

    A Rose is a Rose by Any Other Name...However a search engine may not find a rose by another name!

    Your job is to pick a relevant domain name that will bring people to your site. Here are some simple domain name buying tips:

    Write down the services and/or products that you offer

    Narrow that list to a simple one line sentance about your company

    Pull out the Keywords from that simple sentance and seperate those keywords by hyphens...making sure it's not longer than 64 characters. Don't worry about the length of the name as these are keywords that are search engine friendly and will drive more traffic to your web site.

    If you need the name of your company in your site, but it's already taken, try adding your State's 2 letter abreviation to the end of your company name...if that doesn't work try a hyphen before the 2 letter abreviation.

    Buying domains from people can be tricky!  You'll probably spend a couple hundred dollars even on the simplest name . . . people who hold domain names have paid over the years on them and want compensation. If the name is really good like "furniture.com" then you can expect to pay a minimum of $5,000 and up to $25,000 and more. A good name, if used properly, can bring you limitless revenue.

    If you're at your wit's end with the process you probably should contact us for a free consultation at 336.420.2761. We have solutions and have been doing this long enough . . . relax and leave the worrying to us . . . that's what we're here for.

Domain Services by Digital Production Group

Private Registrations
Protect yourself from spam, scams, prying eyes and worse. Just $9.54/yr!
Fast, automated and risk-free. Transfer your domains to Domain Names & Web Services by Digital Production Group for just $14.95!* Includes a 1-year extension.
Monitor vital changes to any domain. And secure your chance to backorder that domain at special savings. From $11.94/yr.
Special Bulk Pricing
If you are registering or transferring more than 50 names at once you can get special bulk pricing!
NEW! .EU  The domain of the European community available now at special pricing.
NEW! .JOBS  Give job seekers a direct line to your business with one of our newest domains.