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Internet Sales

Direct Internet Sales is the core of most websites.  Whether you are starting a new web site with a shopping cart or are trying to increase your sales on your current web site we have a solution for you.  Please fill out our contact form or give a call for a price quote at (336)420-2761.

The Digital Production Group offers many e-commerce solutions including shopping carts, credit card processing, secure sites and more. This page offers turnkey "do-it-yourself" solutions and outlines our managed solutions. Our e-commerce solutions are designed for both companies that have in-house web designers and companies that don't necessarily want the headache of staffing and training staff to run their new web site. 

Our Managed Internet Sales System is simple: 

  The Digital Production Group offers:

Internet Sales involves a lot of work and time. If you're just getting into building your first E-Commerce Website or Direct Sales Website you might want to opt in to the Intenet Sales Package that The Digital Production Group offers. This is the perfect match for the small business that wants to start a direct sales site, but doesn't have the personnel or expertise to handle such things on their own.

Shopping Carts & Internet Sales for Your Website

E-Commerce Website Setup

Put the power of The Digital Production Group to work for you! You can buy a custom e-commerce web design from us or "do it yourself" through our automated shopping cart creation program.

Internet Sales Department Setup

Once we have setup your E-Commerce Site, The Digital Production Group can take it one step further and handle your Internet Sales for you by running a Virtual Internet Sales Department for you.

The Digital Production Group has found that the simple rule of making online sales is to keep the buyer informed. Internet buyers are demanding and rightly so. In order to be successful on the Web you will need to respond quickly and efficiently to questions and concerns of your buyers. The Digital Production Group is the solution. We are very quick to respond keeping the buyers confident in your company.

Again, we'll use the case of Dinettes-And-More.com to demonstrate the power of using The Digital Production Group. DPG had phone lines installed and handled all of their Internet Sales for them. We took Internet & Phone orders from their clients and delivered orders with credit card numbers in the from of invoices to Dinettes-And-More directly...all they had to do was fill their orders. The Digital Production Group even handled their follow up calls and questions on their orders. This made their lives very simple. At any point our clients may decide to take on as much or as little of the Internet Sales as they'd like...we make it simple to sell online!

In-House Web Sales Support & Management

The Digital Production Group can also setup your company with its own in-house Online Sales Department, Support that Department and offer Management of your Internet Sales Department or Management Training for your current staff. It will be up to you to staff your new department. We will offer hiring tips, but we are not a staffing company unless you go to the option above where we actually become your Web Sales Department.

Internet Sales Support

Sales support is seen as updating your e-commerce site with the different things that your web buyers will need to make the buying process simple. As well provide support to your sales staff when they need it. This is billed on a per usage basis or we can arrange a "bulk rate" where you will pay a minimal quarterly payment.

We set up a 2 part contract with you that specifies a maintenance contract and a sales commission. The reason for the two charges is that there is a lot of daily work that goes into maintaining a direct sales site. We use the term direct sales, but what we mean by that is that we deal with your customers for you. The start up costs can be high, but the rewards can be significantly higher.

Once you have a "support contract" with us our phones will be open to you 24 hours per day to offer support and maintenance to your sales staff and to make changes/updates to your website.

Shopping Cart Support

This is the most basic support package that we offer. This will allow you to handle all of your sales in house while allowing The Digital Production Group to maintain and update your shopping cart for you. This can be done on a pay per use basis or on a quarterly billing system.

The Digital Production Group always recommends a quarterly contract so that you are covered no matter what happens. Also, this will benefit you because your site will be continuously update, which your clients and the search engines love.

More Internet Sales Information

The direct sales game is just that...a game. You have to first get people to your site, then you have find the perfect balance of price point that is competitive with the Internet Market Place and shipping rates that work for you. The last piece of the puzzle is to be responsive. Internet Shoppers want Internet Stores to be as responsive as sales people in the stores that they shop in. In reality people get spooked if they don't get quick responses. Sometimes responding to an Internet Shopper is all it takes to make the sale...we've found that many Internet Sales Sites never respond to their shoppers and therefor making a sale can be as easy as making the call back.

Another huge benefit that The Digital Production Group provides in our Internet Sales Strategy is that we set up a call center for you where we take calls and give quotes. This frees up your sales force to do their jobs and not have to learn how to maintain a website.

We also take care of all incoming enquiries and questions for you. This means that we do need to get up to speed on your way of doing business, but this has never taken long.