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Live Event Video Production:

Jefferson Pilot - Lincoln Financial Merger AnnouncementMichael Diiorio has built 5 live event studios in New York & New Jersey.  In each of those scenarios Michael went on to work in different aspects of the studio whether it was training personnel, setting up their studio system or Direct and Technical Direct.  A Live Event is a special beast and you need the right people at the helm when the heat is on and you are live. Live Events take many shapes and forms and we have specialists for each type:

Each one of these scenarios can be very complex and therefore can be hard to quote. Call or click to discuss your live event, get pricing or book us on your job.

Studio Satellite Production:

Studio Production always feels the safest and most secure. Thru our wealth of experience producing live shots out of studios we have a list of good studios across the country. If we get into a spot where we don't know the local studios or our first choice is not available we will make sure that the studios in question have what it takes to get your job done right. 

Once you've established a location for your shoot we will determine if Fiber, Vivyx or other uplink methods are best for your location. There are definite plusses and minuses with each of these methods. Call to discuss your job.

Because of our vast experience with web casting live events we have solutions that most studios and satellite truck operators don't know are out there. If you're stuck trying to get an Internet Broadcast out live to the Internet please call to The Digital Production Group to discuss your situation...we might have a solution for you.

If you've got a Live Shot that can be done out of a studio, please call or click to get our studio production rates.

Satellite Trucks for Live Events

Satellite Trucks are one of our Bread and Butter methods for broadcasting live events. Whereas most trucks don't come with a lot of editing gear they do offer mobile solutions that just aren't available any other way. Satellite Trucks are tried and true and can deliver your video signal wherever you need it safely and efficiently.

The Digital Production Group primarily uses Satellite Trucks for Satellite Media Tours, Teleconferences, Corporate Videos and Live Internet Broadcasts or Live Web casts. Please call if you're not sure what method you should go with on your next live event.

The Digital Production Group maintains strong relationships with the major players in the satellite truck industry and therefore can deliver you a price that most can not. Please call or click to start the discussions on your next live event out of a satellite truck.

DPG can do Multi-Camera Live Events switched to:

All of our Video Production Packages include:

Supplemental Video Production Gear