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Media for Furniture Companies

Because of our location & shear volume of furniture clients that we have we have created a special link for Furniture Video Production. Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler or manufacturer we have many media solutions specifically for you:

The beauty of our methodology is that once Digital Production Group has created your image & message we can easily and efficiently delivery that message & image to your target audience. If you're considering a new media campaign please contact us first and allow us to consult with you and give you a bid on what you are planning now and show you how we can save you money down the road.

Web Video Production to enhance your web sites and More

As you know more and more web sites are using video to enhance their visitors' experiences. Video also has the added advantage of being able to show things that simple stills can not with the use of the voice track. People like watching TV and if they can get a little TV on your web site then they are having a great experience.

Video that is created for a web site can easily be put on discs for in-store giveaways, promotions at conventions or the furniture markets or used in any number of ways. If you're not using video to enhance your brand image it's time you thought about it. Please call or click to consult with Digital Production Group and get pricing for your furniture video.

Corporate Video for the Furniture Market

As you know video is everywhere and one of the biggest uses of video can be to display your new products, stores, plants, etc. at the big Furniture Markets and Conventions. Video catches the eye and if you're designing a booth or display you know the value of a good video...this same video can be used on your web site to enhance your visitors experience.

If you are showing at the Furniture Markets or Conventions you will probably also see the value in shooting what we call "buzz videos." A buzz video is simply a short highlights reel or documentary of your furniture market experience, display or booth that you can use later at stock holders' meetings, on the net or in your promotional materials. While you're at it we can easily add a photographer to the mix and produce high resolution images that can be used in any number of media campaigns.

Michael Diiorio built, ran and managed the broadcast & Internet broadcast studio at the Javitz convention center in New York City. Michael knows what it takes to produce succesful videos for your furniture market displays and videos that show your audience what your company is up to at the conventions and furniture markets.

Public Relations Video for Furniture Companies

No matter what part of the furniture world you work within you can understand the need to stand out amongst your peer companies. Public Relations Campaigns have many uses:

Digital Production Group is well versed in the use of Public Relations Campaigns and is ready to put the power of public relations to work for you.

Furniture Catalogs, Brochures and other Print Material

Digital Production Group maintains a strong relationship with some of the biggest and most innovative printing companies in the local area. Because catalogs, brochures and direct mail campaigns are often very similar to a company's web presence the natuaral tie in designing and laying out a web site, catalog, brochure, biz cards, direct mail campaigns go hand in hand and by using Digital Production Group to handle your web & other print needs you will be saving yourself a lot of time and money in the production processes.

Call or click now to get your web site and print projects started on the right foot.

Web Design for Furniture Companies

Digital Production Group has had many succesful web designs and implementations for Furniture Companies. There are two basic approaches to selling furniture on the web:

Both approaches have been very succesful for us and what determines what will work best for you is usually dependant on what brands of furniture you carry and what your manufacturers will allow you to do with their furniture.

If you're just getting into building your first furniture web site you will need to know a few things and how we bill for them:

All of our Video Production Packages include:

Supplemental Video Production Gear

Formats Available in either ENG or EFP

Digital Production Group offers furniture companies with in-house Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations Departments a la carte video production services. The following info is available for you to browse our production capabilities to determine whether or not there is anything here for your company.

DPG can do Multi-Camera Live Events switched to: