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Web Design

Digital Production Group offers custom web design in both traditional html, php & Flash. All custom sites have to be priced thru a series of questions that can be answered with a simple phone call.

Digital Production Group also offers premade flash, html & php web sites. To see a list of our Flash web sites please Click Here.

We do NOT recommend Flash web sites for everyone. The primary reason for not using flash is that web sites have a hard time reading them and therefor you have a really hard time picking up visitors who find you thru search engines. We do have work arounds for Flash Sites that have proven pretty good.

If you know where your visitors are going to come from and you are not dependant on getting your visitors thru organic web searches on search engines then we love Flash web sites. Some examples of good flash web site users are bands, movie advertising and the like. In these cases people will find you because they are looking for you.

We do recommend using flash to juice up your site or add stickiness. In other words, getting visitors to your site is one part of the battle, but keeping them there and getting them to return are even harder pieces of the equation. If you don't know what you need to be succesful please call or click to consult with our web design team.