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Web & Internet Services

Digital Production Group offers a full suite of media services. Web & Internet Services seem to lie at the core of all our media offerings because when we design your new web site we end up encapsulating and creating your company image & message. Once we have know your company this well it makes it very easy to deliver your company message and image across all the media that we handle.

Our Web & Internet Services include:

Web Design

Digital Production Group offers custom web design in both traditional html, php & Flash. All custom sites have to be priced thru a series of questions that can be answered with a simple phone call.

Digital Production Group also offers premade flash, html & php web sites. To see a list of our Flash web sites please Click Here.

And NOW with our new product offerings you can setup your own hosting account & design your own web site for very even cheaper than our managed web design & web hosting costs.

We do NOT recommend Flash web sites for everyone. The primary reason for not using flash is that web sites have a hard time reading them and therefor you have a really hard time picking up visitors who find you thru search engines. We do have work arounds for Flash Sites that have proven pretty good.

If you know where your visitors are going to come from and you are not dependant on getting your visitors thru organic web searches on search engines then we love Flash web sites. Some examples of good flash web site users are bands, movie advertising and the like. In these cases people will find you because they are looking for you.

We do recommend using flash to juice up your site or add stickiness. In other words, getting visitors to your site is one part of the battle, but keeping them there and getting them to return are even harder pieces of the equation. If you don't know what you need to be succesful please call or click to consult with our web design team.

Web Hosting

At Digital Production Group we always say that you get the best deal on the net when it comes to Web Design, Web Hosting and other Web Services.

Our hosting packages provide:

We use the term Virtually for our description of the bandwidth you get with our hosting packages. Basically until you get around 300 gb of transfer per month there are no problems. Once you reach that critical number we can discuss more cost effective methods for your hosting needs...this basically effects no one. For more information please call us at 336.420.2761 or click.

Internet Sales

Digital Production Group has found a perfect match for the small business that wants to start a direct sales site, but doesn't have the personell or expertise to handle such things on their own.

We set up a 2 part contract with you that specifies a maintenance contract and a sales commission. The reason for the two charges is that there is a lot of daily work that goes into maintaining a direct sales site. We use the term direct sales, but what we mean by that is that we deal with your customers for you. The start up costs can be high, but the rewards can be significantly higher.

The direct sales game is just that...a game. You have to first get people to your site, then you have find the perfect balance of price point that is competitive with the Internet Market Place and shipping rates that work for you. The last piece of the puzzle is to be responsive. Internet Shoppers want Internet Stores to be as responsive as sales people in the stores that they shop in. In reality people get spooked if they don't get quick responses. Sometimes responding to an Internet Shopper is all it takes to make the sale...we've found that many Internet Sales Sites never respond to their shoppers and therefor making a sale can be as easy as making the call back.

Another huge benefit that Digital Production Group provides in our Internet Sales Strategy is that we set up a call center for you where we take calls and give quotes. This frees up your sales force to do their jobs and not have to learn how to maintain a web site.

We also take care of all incoming enquiries and questions for you. This means that we do need to get up to speed on your way of doing business, but this has never taken long.

Web Video

Videos on the web are always fun for visitors and can deliver your message quicker and more efficiently than other forms of information. As you know people love to watch TV and more and more people can stream video and more importantly like to stream video.

We can take your pre-existing video, encode it and host it for you whether or not you are currently one of our clients. Our rates are very low for streaming media hosting and if you're one of our clients, with a web design & hosting package, it's basically free.

web site Maintenance

Once your site is up and running your half way there. Sites that change constantly are more inviting to visitors.

We offer many different levels of web site maintenance packages. Some sites need daily maintenance while others might only need updating weekly or monthly. As we get into your specific business needs we will explore your maintenance options.

Keyword Ranking Services

Digital Production Group does NOT guarantee any rankings among search engines. We keep our pricing at a point where this is not an option. Whereas we do practice good web design which is the key to getting ranked, we do NOT make guarantees and simply hiring us does NOT ensure your success among the search engines.

If you ARE looking for guarantees it is NOT cheap, but is well worth the money you do spend. Digital Production Group maintains a strong relationship with the leading Keyword Ranking Company and will hook you up with the best in the industry at no cost to you.

The Keyword services they offer are organic search engine placement, pay per click campaign management and more. Please call or click to get more info on these services.

Domain Name Purchasing

What's in a name? A rose by any other name is still a rose, but might not get found by search engines as quickly...so if you have questions about what makes a good name please call or click to start the process now!

We now offer a cheaper way to purchase your domains and we can still give you the Managed Web Hosting or you can add on your own Self Managed Web Hosting Package to save even more money. We still offer Managed Domain Name Purchasing for those who don't want to hassle with buying their own domain name...just call us directly at 336.420.2761 or fill out our request form and we'll call you back to buy your name for you.

To buy your own name or check availability put your desired name in the box below.

Our Managed Domain Name Purchasing will cost an extra $5 per year, but it saves you the hassle of doing it yourself and we invoice you which you can pay by check instead of credit card. We charge $20 per name per year in our managed domain name purchase program. We advise buying a number of years up front, because renewal costs are higher than the initial purchase fees.

We invite our customers to buy domain names through our automated system and have us manage their web design & hosting.