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web site Maintenance

The Digital Production Group only provides maintenance contracts to our clients that we host for. So if you have a web site and you're looking for a webmaster to keep up your site for you we can do it, but we will need to host your web site as well. Please see our hosting charges which are about the best on the web.

The Digital Production Group offers many different levels of web site maintenance packages. Some sites need daily maintenance while others might only need updating weekly or monthly. As we get into your specific business needs we will explore your maintenance needs and options.

Internet Sales

The Digital Production Group has found a perfect match for the small business that wants to start a direct sales site, but doesn't have the personell or expertise to handle such things on their own.

We set up a 2 part contract with you that specifies a maintenance contract and a sales commission. The reason for the two charges is that there is a lot of daily work that goes into maintaining a direct sales site. We use the term direct sales, but what we mean by that is that we deal with your customers for you. The start up costs can be high, but the rewards can be significantly higher.

The direct sales game is just that...a game. You have to first get people to your site, then you have find the perfect balance of price point that is competitive with the Internet Market Place and shipping rates that work for you. The last piece of the puzzle is to be responsive. Internet Shoppers want Internet Stores to be as responsive as sales people in the stores that they shop in. In reality people get spooked if they don't get quick responses. Sometimes responding to an Internet Shopper is all it takes to make the sale...we've found that many Internet Sales Sites never respond to their shoppers and therefor making a sale can be as easy as making the call back.

Another huge benefit that The Digital Production Group provides in our Internet Sales Strategy is that we set up a call center for you where we take calls and give quotes. This frees up your sales force to do their jobs and not have to learn how to maintain a web site.

We also take care of all incoming enquiries and questions for you. This means that we do need to get up to speed on your way of doing business, but this has never taken long.