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Television Spot Production

Television Spots are one of our strongest production departments. We listen to your needs and will devise a campaign or one-off commercial that will meet your advertising needs.

The video you are watching is a set of 3 spots. Spots #1 & #3 were shot on Film while spot #2 was created entirely in a graphics program. This should give you a feel as to the differences between a high budget project with actors, propping, shooting in a studio, etc. and a very effective and cheaply produced commercial. The low budget commercial fits in between the two bigger budget commercials perfectly well, but achieves a different effect. Call now to consult with our producers to figure out how you can accomplish what you need.

With the advent of High Definition Cameras we can shoot and edit high quality television spots for a fraction of what they used to cost. We can still put all the production value into a spot with the use of cranes and dollies and film-like lighting setups. You provide the product and we can do the rest.

Call or click to get a price quote for your commercial or set of commercials for air on both standard definition broadcast and high definition broadcast and we can amortize your advertising dollars by producing commercials for Internet Broadcast as well.

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