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Commercial Editing & Commercial Customization

The Wall Street Journal Edit is an example of a typical customization job. We took 15 Different Spots that were designed for different markets. We customized phone numbers and disclaimers for 150 different markets. "Big Deal!" You're saying to yourself. Keep in mind we did this in an online suite and nothing was as efficient as it is now...for that reason this one makes the cut into the web site. At the time I was working for many of the larger ad agencies.

Today we can customize jobs like this for you at 1/3 the price in about 1/2 the time. We have a multi-format edit suite and can handle just about any format. We even do edits from footage transfered via ftp and can deliver tapes to you or your clients directly. Call or click now for pricing on edit only and/or commecial customization.

In terms of capabilities we have done many shoots for clients, edited their footage and delivered tapes, via fedex or ftp the next day. Feel free to email or call with any and all questions.

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