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Product Placement News Release for Placement on Specific Sites

This video was produced by one of our favorite New York Production Companies...In-Five Productions. They hired us to work through the concept to integrate the cartoon look of the Tamagotchis. We co-produced this piece with them.

We created over 35 animations that went into this piece starting with the opening graphic in 3D Studio Max and composited it in After FX with other graphics that we created in both Photo shop and Flash. Throughout the video you will see backgrounds and other full-frame animations that we created in Flash.

We shot the live action video against a green chroma matte that we own and composited the live action with their motion cartoon backgrounds in our avid.

This job represents the hottest thing in advertising right now: Online advertising combined with product placement in a "fake news release" that keeps it fun for kids of all ages.

This piece is currently running on Turbo Nick ...a Nickelodeon subsidiary for kids aged 5 - 15.

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