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Internet Advertising - Long Format Content

Content is the name of the game if you're trying to create a successful web site ...whether it's a text only site or a media rich site you have to create content that your visitors want to watch and that they want to return to.

Alter Ego is a project that we did with Batanga.com for Dodge to promote brand awareness, in the Hispanic American Community, for their new Dodge Charger. This segment is the first in a four part series of videos. This video was but one aspect of the Alter Ego Campaign. Dodge wanted to create fun content for its audience who visited targeted web sites.

This type of video can be placed on your web site, or more importantly, placed on Internet portals. It can be used to bring visitors directly to your site or simply improve brand awareness and your company image. This type of "product placement video" can be designed to suit your needs. Call or click now if you're looking to produce content for the Internet and need pricing or would like to discuss the possibilities.

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