4K Cinema Production

Canon C300s Fully Rigged

We have 2 matching Canon C300s. Camera A comes with Zacuto Rig with Zacuto Z Finder & V Brick Batteries. Our Cameras are in mint condition with very few hours. Cameras come pre-built in Think Tank cases and ready to shoot out of the bag upon arriving on location.

HD Video Production

JVC 890 & 850

Not everyone needs 4K and may need to move a little faster with a smaller crew, in which case our ENG Packages are for you. We have 2 matching JVC broadcast camera packages. They come in classic portabrace bags that are ready to fly in the overhead with us wherever we need to go.


LED, Tungsten, Flos & Effect Lights

We have a wide array of LED and tungsten lighting. Our Interview lighting setups generally have 5 lights included. Please see our gear list for a complete list of lights and grip gear.

Audio Kits

Basic Audio Kits

Our audio kits are designed to get you audio you can use. We include a basic audio kit with one boom pole and shotgun mic with one wireless mic if you need more we can add them in as needed.

ENG Kits

Electronic News Gathering Kits

We have packages specifically designed for electronic news gathering or ENG. Our packages are ready rigged to run and gun and get the job done quickly. With over 20 years in news production our team knows how to get the footage you need quickly and efficiently.

Post Production

Adobe Premiere Edit Suite

We keep our edit suites up to date with the latest greatest versions of Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, After FX, Illustrator and Adobe Audition which are generally compatible with most other programs. We can bring a suite to location for you if it's an extended shoot and you need to start seeing rushes.

DIT Kits

Location Color Grading

We offer fly packs for color grading. When using our 4K cine kits, our canon 5D kit or even our 1080 setups we can provide the right gear to make you confident in your dailies with our experienced team and portable setups.