First Step

Our first step is to meet either over the phone or in person to discuss your job. We assess the scope of the job and get you a custom quote based on your video needs based on standard industry rates. During this process we will determine all the elements needed to complete your job: script, how many cameras, which cameras, lighting needs, audio demands, locations, special effects, voice over and music tone and wishes.


Second Step

Once our bid is accepted and we have a basic working relationship laid out, we will develop a working timeline for your job where we schedule our shoots, do casting calls for on-camera talent and voice over artists, schedule post production and start the selection process on any music that will be used.


Third Step

Whether we are writing your script or you are taking on the first draft we will need to get our rough draft through the approval process so that we can develop a "shooting script" which has all shots needed, graphics and and music described for each line of script.


Fourth Step

We like to cast both on-camera talent and voice talent as soon as we get approval on the rough draft of the script. We will use the rough draft of the script to cast the different roles to be filled.


Fifth Step

The exciting day is here when we begin production. Whether yours is a one day shoot or multiple days we will make sure that we get all our shots in the can. We have confidence monitors for on location approval so that we can move on with confidence.


Seventh Step

Editing begins. During production we have gathered our assets: voice over approved, music, graphics and NOW we can edit either virtually or you can come into our studio where we work in the Adobe suite with Adobe Premiere as our backbone. We use most of the Adobe Suite of products, but we specialize in After FX, Photoshop and Illustrator. Once we have a rough cut, we send it to you either via our ftp site, dropbox, vimeo or youtube depending on what works best for you.