Charbroil Grill Cleaning Product Video

How-To Content Info-Video

#4 in a 15 part series of how to use your Charbroil grill. This one is a how to spring clean your grill. Charbroil wrote all content. We cast the video series, produced, directed, shot and edited the video.

Costco Cooling Gel Mattress

Online Commercial

Shot for Costco’s South Bay Furniture. In this case the client wrote the script. We took their script: cast the talent, shot in High Point furniture studio, edited and output for final delivery. This was one in a series of 15.

NSI’s New Dyna-Tite HVAC

New Product Launch Video

When Duro Dyne needed new marketing videos for their new Dyna-Tite line designed for the HVAC Market they came to us.

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Charbroil Converting Your Grill

Info-Video Content

Charbroil had us create a series of 15 product info-videos to enhance their website.

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NSI’s Liquidtight Connectors

Product Video

NSI Industries manufactures LiquidTight connectors for the electrical and HVAC segments.  NSI called on us create a product video that showed off their unique offerings with their new line of LiquidTight connectors.

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Sky Valley Website Teaser Video

Product Video

This profile video was created to build excitement about the upcoming launch of their new business.

Underlayment Installation Video

SurePly Underlayment by Patriot Lumber

This is a how to install the SurePly underlayment product by Patriot Timber. It will be linked to via a QR code that is printed directly on their product.

South Bay 11″ Cooling Sheet Gel

Product Video

An example of our latest furniture video shot for South Bay to appear on Costco’s website as well as other online retailers.