Sealy Commercial

Online Advertising

This commercial was produced to showcase the new Sealy hybrid memory foam mattress.

BridgeBuilders Awards Ceremony

Advertising TV :60

We cut this commercial to support the BridgeBuilders Awards Ceremony. It was cut from original footage shot for the BridgeBuilders television show episode 1. World Cup Ad

World Cup Ad Campaign

Produced, shot and edited this campaign made up of 4 unique World Cup commericals. Really fun special effects commercial campaign to work on!

Saber Grills Online Advertising

Online Advertising

This long format commercial was shot and edited for Saber Grills, which is Charbroil’s high end premiere line of grills.  We pitched them on the 3D graphics integrated into the shots and they loved the execution. World Cup TV :30

Television Commercial for World Cup

Produced and shot this commercial for for an ad buy during the world cup.  They took our footage and cut it into 4 different commercials that ran during the world cup.

Goodyear Wet Tire Shine TV :30

TV :30 Second Commercial National Ad Buy

Worked with ad agency out of New York.  We took their content and brought it to life.  Most of this was shot on a 24′ crane.  This campaign included 3 different commercials as well as a long format marketing video used in meetings and the like.

Costco Furniture Commercial

online tv advertising

We worked hand in hand with Costco’s buyer to create a campaign of commercials.  They wrote the voice over, we did everything else from setting the furniture,  propping shots to hair and make up for their on-camera talent who happened to also be the buyer. Adidas Predator

Web commercial advertising

Produced, shot, edited and delivered for to sell the exciting new shoe called the Predator.  Our concept of shooting on our turntable with black reflective surface was accepted after shooting some test examples.  Our graphics and VO were all accepted and appear in final edit.

South Bay Talalay Mattress

Online Commercial Appeared on Websites

In this case the client wrote the script and we did the rest. Client did not even have to come out from California. We arranged for everything from casting to shooting, directing and even the entire edit including music and final output.

Lowe’s Kobalt TV Ad

Produced, shot and edited for an ad agency. We can seamlessly provide video production to your clients as if we are an extension of your agency.  Call for a consultation on your next commercial.