Save the Dolphins

Documentary Film Production

On 10.10.10 we were in Japan shooting a documentary pilot & awareness campaign for Save The Dolpins with leilani Munter. This is our story.

Japan Footage

Japan Documentary Footage

Over 10 years of shooting in Japan at both the CES of Japan called CEATEC and the NAB of Japan called InterBEE. In addition we’ve shot at the International Boat show. We go to Japan in order to put together news pieces at tradeshows for news distribution in the United States, Columbia, Poland and many more countries.

Drone Shots – Documentary Footage

Drone videos for every occasion. These were some videos we got during our production of the feature documentary Ashbury Park: Riots, Redemption, Rock-N-Roll.

Faces of Fire

A short documentary about the art of fire artist Tom Fidler.

Just Before the Dawn

Documentary Film Trailer

Just Before the Dawn:
Riot. Redemption. Rock n Roll.