Tuukka Rask for PRF

PRF mission to find the other 150

This is part of an international campaign “To Find the Other 150.” Tuukka Rask helped us raise awareness and find a cure to Progeria, a fatal rapid aging disease, with this public service announcement which aired in his home country of Finland.

Unnati Solar Silk Reeler

Saving The Ancient Art of Silk Making

This product video is for a product that will make peoples’ lives better and possibly save the silk industry in India.  This video was made for ASME’s iSHOW which rewards resources to engineers who have products that can save the world or at least improve it greatly for a segment of the population.

Non-Profit Game Show

Non-Profit Game Show

Gameshow that we cut for television. It was a non-profit based show where the idea was to get the word out about different non-profit groups and their causes. The contestants were also from different non-profit outfits. A complete win win for everyone.

Kukua Egg Incubator

Allowing Farmers To Compete With Large Farmers

This video is a showcase of ASME’s life changing and life saving products that they sponsor to help local communities around the world survive.  People with inventions enter a competition to win money to create their invention as well as mentoring and connections to help make it happen.  The Kukua is an artificial chicken egg incubator that feeds communities.

Fundraiser Email Video

ASME Fundraiser Teaser

This video was created for ASME (American Association of Mechanical Engineers) to be sent out to potential donors to tease them of an upcoming fundraiser.

Say-e-Tech Multicrop Thrasher

IShow Innovation Showcase

Saving the world one African farmer at a time.  This multicrop thrasher by Say-e-Tech is set to revolutionize the way farmers do business in Africa.

Hopscotch Adoptions

When looking for a child adoption agency you need an agency who is there for you, protects the needs of the children being adopted and can help you navigate through all the paperwork and international laws that stop most adoptions. Hopscotch Adoptions is that adoption agency. It is their mission to save children and find families that are the right fit for those children.