Sealy Commercial

Online Advertising

This commercial was produced to showcase the new Sealy hybrid memory foam mattress.

BridgeBuilders Awards Ceremony

Advertising TV :60

We cut this commercial to support the BridgeBuilders Awards Ceremony. It was cut from original footage shot for the BridgeBuilders television show episode 1.

Save the Dolphins

Documentary Film Production

On 10.10.10 we were in Japan shooting a documentary pilot & awareness campaign for Save The Dolpins with leilani Munter. This is our story. World Cup Ad

World Cup Ad Campaign

Produced, shot and edited this campaign made up of 4 unique World Cup commericals. Really fun special effects commercial campaign to work on!

Mama Posssum’s on 41

Local Ad Campaign

Produced, shot and edited this commercial campaign for local restaurant.  Let us produce your next ad campaign.

Tuukka Rask for PRF

PRF mission to find the other 150

This is part of an international campaign “To Find the Other 150.” Tuukka Rask helped us raise awareness and find a cure to Progeria, a fatal rapid aging disease, with this public service announcement which aired in his home country of Finland.

Charbroil Grill Cleaning Product Video

How-To Content Info-Video

#4 in a 15 part series of how to use your Charbroil grill. This one is a how to spring clean your grill. Charbroil wrote all content. We cast the video series, produced, directed, shot and edited the video.

Costco Cooling Gel Mattress

Online Commercial

Shot for Costco’s South Bay Furniture. In this case the client wrote the script. We took their script: cast the talent, shot in High Point furniture studio, edited and output for final delivery. This was one in a series of 15.

Saber Grills Online Advertising

Online Advertising

This long format commercial was shot and edited for Saber Grills, which is Charbroil’s high end premiere line of grills.  We pitched them on the 3D graphics integrated into the shots and they loved the execution. World Cup TV :30

Television Commercial for World Cup

Produced and shot this commercial for for an ad buy during the world cup.  They took our footage and cut it into 4 different commercials that ran during the world cup.